Words of the Month | October 2016




Disclaimer: All photos within this post belong to us and us alone.

Hello, hello. It’s November which means we’re one month closer to Christmas and we also have to review the entire month of October which isn’t hard at all…

Ready? Let’s go.

A lot happened in October. We celebrated the day of our birth and while Twitter might not have cared, we know the world rejoiced. We certainly did. We had a big family meal and it was gorgeous. Being legal is weird. We keep forgetting that we can do things now..like vote.

The leaves started falling and with them the number of blog posts we wrote fell too. There were weeks where we completely forgot we had a blog and while we felt bad about it, other things took priority.

Such as our legal studies course!

Assignments are practically being thrown at us these days and we spend a lot of time procrastinating which is not good for our stress levels because we have another one due in a week and let’s just say we haven’t yet finished.


We watched a shocking amount of TV in October. Westworld broke into the world and The Vampire Diaries returned to us. The Walking Dead also made an appearance, but we gave up on it a long time ago.

As we’re writing this it’s the day before Halloween and we’re deciding on what we want to look like. We’re thinking a mix of Maleficent and Ghost Rider. Specifically the one from Agents of Shield.

Despite being posted in September Empire of Storms managed to continue it’s reign for the second month in a row as our most popular post despite us reviewing Crooked Kingdom and other books. We’re really proud with how it’s performing.

Being our birthday month October gifted us with a brand new laptop. It’s big and it’s bright and we keep bashing our wrists of the side of. It’s gotten so bad that we can actually see lines on them…

We partly participated in a multitude of challenges on Instagram and it was so much fun. The prompts really made us get more creative. We even bought fairy-lights. We’re proper bookstagrammers now. Aren’t you envious?


We continued fawning over our favourite book bloggers and because we fawned over them we feel you should too. We also discovered some new blogs!

  • Cait over at Paper Fury posted INTRODUCING MY #NANOWRIMO NOVEL (WHEREIN I’LL WRITE A HAPPY NOVEL IF IT KILLS ME). We learned all about the book she’ll be writing for for NaNoWriMo and it sounds so very amazing. We left a comment (as we do) about what we’re planning to write and her response was so enthusiastic that we plucked up the effort to set up our own NaNoWriMo account. We also then participated in her Beautiful Books linkup and talked about our own WIP. It was so fun!
  • We discovered Emily Mead’s blog by stalking the archives of Cait’s blog and finding a guest post from 2014. Emily’s writing made us laugh so much so we then proceeded to wander on over to her blog where we found this lovely post > SO YOU WANT TO HEAR ABOUT MY NANOWRIMO NOVEL + NOVEL AESTHETICS. Stab, stab, stab you’ll find her work to be fab, fab, fab.
  • Pre-Release Thoughts: The Bear and the Nightingale is a post by Aentee over at Read At Midnight and it’s all about a fabulous book that we really want to read. We know you’ll want to read it too once you’ve seen her thoughts.



Last month we wrote two book reviews that we haven’t published. One of them is for a book that doesn’t come out until January and the other is for the first ever physical ARC we received.

We also have another instalment of Breaking Down Bookstagram coming to you all in the next few days and we can honestly say we adore picking people’s minds for answers to our questions.

Our stats shot through the roof in October which was surprising because we spent the last week and a half in a frenzy of writing and posting. We’d like not to do that in November. It’s too hectic. We want to be less hectic in November. More organised.

AS ALWAYS, thank you for reading! We’re completely sure we left things out and that’s annoying, but such is life. How was your October? Was it productive? Was it eventful? Do you have any goals for November? Let us know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to follow us on:

And we’d love to be friend with you on Goodreads so send us a friend request. That way we’ll be able to see what you’re reading.

Arkon, Annie and a creator.



4 thoughts on “Words of the Month | October 2016

  1. I LOVE RECAP POSTS SO ❤ I am doing NaNoWriMo and it is a marvellous experience! I love that Clockwork Prince bookstagram, and maybe the reason why I obsess and fangirl so much when I see someone posting something about The Infernal Devices is because I looove Will Herondale. (well everyone does) Really, no shame at all.

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