Breaking Down Bookstagram #3


Disclaimer: All pictures from here on in do not belong to us, but the person we have interviewed.

So, we’ve decided that Breaking Down Bookstagram will either be a monthly thing or something that is bi-monthly, but either way we absolutely love highlighting some of our favourite bookstagram accounts.

This time we’re pleased to welcome Brooke aka @brookebibliophile. We had a great time chatting to her and we applaud her answers!

Let’s go.

Question.1 :  We know from chatting to you, that like us you simply can’t go go go all the time. So, we were wondering when you run out of motivation, how do you get it back?

When I’m feeling unmotivated to post on bookstagram, I’ll slowly post less pictures within a 2 week frame on there and then I’ll jump back into it once I’ve rested from it. Sometimes it can feel like a job rather than fun and it’s important to take breaks to not burn yourself out.

My motivation picks up when I start to miss it and the interaction of it all. There really isn’t a straight answer for it. My mood just decides when okay! Lets go partay! And post some fun pictures lol. It’s an endless cycle =)


Question.2 : Do you feel like there is a compulsion of sorts to keep up with what’s popular in the bookstagram community?

I do keep up with what’s going on everyday in the book community and what’s changing, and it always is. So do the people you come across. I feel the pressure a lot to buy the latest book going around, or to feature the bookish things that are a big hit in people’s pictures, like the mugs, pillows and oh the book related candles!

It’s a lot and it can be overwhelming. I try to be smart about it and just do what I like and if I find the book that’s the latest rave, to be interesting, then I’ll eventually get it unless it was already one I desperately wanted.

It’s important to remind yourself that you need to budget and not let all the stuff you don’t have, get to you or keep you from posting and loving what you do have. Because believe me, they do notice when you love your pictures and when you don’t because it shows!

Question.3 : You have a pretty big following and we’re wondering was it just your beautiful pictures that helped you achieve it or did you do more?

Instagram has changed is algorithm and now its hard for really anyone to get ahead unless you were near there already. Plus, it took my account to grow this far in a 2 plus year span, meaning way too slow compared to those I was running with in the beginning and that partly is my fault, for starting and quitting multiple times, but it’s like I didn’t lose too many people when I came back either.

I just needed a break and to really find myself and to see where this was going. I am sensitive and I’m not the biggest book nerd out there that always has her head in a book and is down with all the book world stuff going on. I felt like an impostor and that maybe I wasn’t even good enough, book knowledge enough to participate in those that I saw that read 100+ books a month, went to events a lot or anything else.


It was just overwhelming and it took me a long while to figure out what kind of pictures I wanted to take and themes and all that stuff. So, yeah, its my fault that I’m probably not further along, but it’s not everything. Everyone grows with their account like me, and no one should feel bad about something just because they aren’t the best at it.

I’m just happy I am where I’m at and that I have some good friends on there that I’ve made. Thank you for also saying my pictures are beautiful =P

Question. 4 : How are you different from the many other bookstagrammers out there?

I think what makes me different from some out there because I haven’t seen everyone’s account obviously to compare, but to those that I have. I feel like I switch my theme up a lot and rotate since I get bored with the same look.

I’ve been on bookstagram for over 2 years now and it may “seem” like I have a good following, but I really don’t. I think that makes me unique as well, since I can relate easier with the smaller accounts. I don’t let the thought of gaining a ton of followers go to my head, like I know some of whom it has.

I don’t “fish” for followers, and stalk those only with a big following in the hopes that they’ll give me a shoutout or anything else along the lines of that. With the book community, you have to have a neutral attitude. “Don’t care, but care” if that makes sense? Like care about what you post, but don’t care about what others think of it. I’m also different because of how many breaks I take from it. I don’t let it rule my life.


Question.5 : Do you have a support network of sorts in the bookstagram community?

I have a handful of people that I talk to and that keeps me around in the book world when I’m feeling eh about it, but my number one person would be my bestie @fridayandbooks she is one who really couldn’t care less and will make you feel like all you do is worth all the crap you sometimes have to put up with.

Question.6 : Scrolling through your feed we’ve noticed that a great deal of hardcover books – does their expense ever drain you?

Haha, I used to prefer paperback because they are, of course cheaper! Who wants to pay a ton of money for hardback? But I don’t pay full price for any of my books either. I use Amazon, Walmart, Bookoutlet and The Book Depository. I also like my books to match, meaning all of the same series are either in hardback or paperback.

If I really love the series I’ll own each cover as a collectable set. Usually when books release they always do in paperback and then the sequel comes out in hardback and you have to wait forever for the paperback version of it. So now I just prefer hardback so they’ll match. I save up and get one or two here and there. I’ll take advantage of sales if there are some.

Question.7 : Your theme has appeared to change multiple times since you first started posting pictures and we’re curious as to whether you have any advice regarding consistency?

Ah, I’m famous for changing themes. I get bored or I get tired of working so hard to take a bright picture! Lol. My advice is, if you really love a theme set up a platform for it. Make sure it’s budget friendly for you and just have fun with it! No one ever said you have to stick with one theme or that you’ll get a ton of hate for switching too much.


Consistency is loving how it looks. it’s not too hard to duplicate once you get it down. Plus it helps when you notice that others are noticing and loving your pictures as well. Makes it worth it to stick to a consistent theme.

Question.8 : Lights seem to be a big thing on your feed, would you ever take the plunge and go darker?

I like anything sparkly and that lights up lol. I also adore how beautiful the colours pop when things are bright. I’ve always wanted to go a darker theme, but that’s way harder to keep up with than a bright theme.

Sometimes, the books wont show up good and they’ll look too edited and people don’t like that. I wish I could say I didn’t care at all, but when I agree with the too edited thing, I’ll avoid it too!

Question.9 : In what ways do you feel being a member of the online book community has changed you?

Being a part of such a big community has brought me out of my comfort zone with reading certain certain genres that I otherwise never would have heard of. It’s made me see that there are people like me out there and that so many people, like me love to read.

It’s made me think of pursuing a career as an author myself and also going to school for publishing. The passion I had in the beginning has changed into something bigger. It’s made me see that I have a voice when it comes to posting pictures and working with authors. I guess you could say it brought more opportunities to me.


AS ALWAYS, thank you for reading this blog post! What did you think of our questions? Is there anything you would’ve asked? Brooke made some excellent points didn’t she? Let us know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to follow us on:

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Arkon, Annie and a creator.





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