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Our names are Arkon and Annie, we’re bloggers and almost millennials. Our existence is questionable, but we’ll get back to that later…

The Book Blogging Fascination

We’ve been reading book blogs and many other blogs for years. We even previously written our own book blogs under the name of our creator. Those blogs ran out of steam or rather we did, so we shut our browser down and curled up in corners to devour books in private.

That only lasted so long though because the more book blogs we read the more we realised we had the potential to use our creative talents to finally create a successful book blog. Share our inspirations and our love for words!

So here we are Arkon and Annie, two non corporeal entities that our create writes behind because confidence is a hard thing to come by unlike the ability to love the people residing in imaginations.

We can be found in more places than just this blog however, we’re unconfined and so why not browse through our content on Instagram or Pinterest or read our shorter ramblings on Twitter

Alternatively you can take action an email us at instead if you like. If you’re an author/publisher etc we’d like to hear about your book/books. If you’re a reader send us a recommendation or ask us questions! Don’t be shy. We’d love to hear from you.

Thank you for reading,

Arkon, Annie and a creator.