Oh Look We Got A New Logo

This is both a wooh, yay sort of post and an apology for being absent for the last nine days. The last thing we posted was our review of Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas 

But this isn’t a post about that book review.

It’s about the fact that school has taken over and we’re receiving, on an almost daily basis pages and pages of notes about the Irish and European legal system. Some of it is so boring that we imagine ourselves exploding into a thousand scraps of paper just to escape it. Other things, like criminal law in insanely interesting and we could talk about it all day.

Back to the point.

We’re sorry for abandoning all you wonderful bookish people. It definitely wasn’t intentional.

Now. Are you ready for the good stuff?


It’s amazing, isn’t it? No. It’s really ugly. You’re shit Arkon

Just look at that flamingo. It’s so blue and orange and flamingoey that’s not a word

We were talking to @angelspearlreads last night and she was wondering if the flamingo had any significance. If there was a meaning behind it. At the time we couldn’t think of any. The flamingo looked good so we put it there.

We know now though that to be a flamingo is to start out white and pure. A blank canvas. To be a real flamingo though one must change and become vibrant. Stand out from the crowd and be unique.

Everyone should want to be a flamingo. Don’t you think?

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Arkon, Annie and a creator.

P.S – We have a new banner thing too.



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