Rating the Throne of Glass series so far…


r-1Diclaimer: This fun little post has some spoilers for the first five books in the ToG series. You have been warned. There was a problem with the original post so we’re re-posting.

Our review of Empire of Storms isn’t ready yet, so we’ve decided to do something different and we think it’ll be fun. We’re going to rate the Throne of Glass novels excluding The Assasin’s Blade novella collection because that’s a bind up of more than one story and honestly it would have to be done in another post on another day..

Are you ready? Let’s go.

#1 Queen of Shadows


This is edited.

because we can still remember the fear and those other heart pounding emotions we felt as Manon raced through the dungeons of Morath to save Elide. We can still remember the voice that had our favourite witch breathing harder and moving faster, the voice that urged her to go quicker.

Queen of Shadows was so very satisfying because there was a new Aelin in Ardalan. There was new everybody really, for good or bad Sarah J. Maas’s characters had evolved and taken on new depths. Battles of steel and magic and mind took place and honestly Queen of Shadows will forever be one of our favourite books! Every time we reread it, we find ourselves sinking into the rich world on the pages before us faster and faster.

We’re going to have to do a full review on this book sometime soon and if anyone mocks our love for it we’ll plummet from the skies on our Ironwood brooms (Wyverns might be wonderful and amazing, but brooms are magical and ancient in the stories of witches) and cut you with out Iron nails. We’ll be Ironteeth, we won’t be Crochan.

In joint second place (for now depending on where our thoughts settle)

#2 Heir of Fire 


because Heir of Fire brought the Throne of Glass books into a new level of complexity and gave it a more global feel with Aelin spending the entirety of the book on a different continent and further perspectives such as Manon (have we mentioned how much we love her?) making their way onto the pages.

Heir of Fire was also a big turning point in the series with some readers no longer liking the direction being taken and others like us loving it. We got to see Celeana become Aelin and Aelin become our new favourite person.

Again this is a book we will most defintely be writing a review for because there’s so much more to say, so many little things to talk about and of course so many big things too.

#3 Empire of Storms


because Empire of Storms is the fifth book and penultimate book in the series. We loved quite a lot of the book, but we had some issues with certain aspects.

Read our review where we give you our reasons why here.

#3 Throne of Glass


because while not having the complexity or us not having the strong emotional connection we’ve had with later books Throne of Glass is definitely not the worst start to a fantasy series. It may have had too many exclamation marks though….

We like Throne of Glass, honestly we do, but we’ve only reread it once. We know some people think the earlier books are the best out of the series and it’s interesting how opinions can differentiate, no?

#4 Crown of Midnight


because Crown of Midnight just isn’t are thing despite having some interesting scenes within it. It’s our least favourite and we haven’t read the book since we first bought it. That’s at least two years.

It’s always fascinating to us how the second books get the least love and we’re kind of sorry we don’t have anything more to say about this book…but anyway.

This has been so much fun! It’s a different kind of blog post and we think we should do more of them. Maybe one a week? How would you all feel about that?

Let us know what you think in the comments, thank you for reading and don’t forget to follow us on:

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Arkon, Annie and a creator.



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