Breaking Down Book-stagram #1



Disclaimers: We’ve made some alterations to the answers given to us such as spelling mistakes and extra information on books. We were given permission to do this.

Today we’re trying out something new which is exciting. We’re interviewing @angelspearls from Instagram. We absolutely love her account and it’s been great getting to her know her. She also has a wonderful blog  which you can check out here.

Okay, so without further delay- let’s go!

Question.1 : What inspired you to create your book-stagram account?

I had been blogging for a year and just felt it was time to try instagram again. I did it a while ago and I just couldn’t give it the time it needed. So I decided to try it again for one month and see how it went.

Question. 2 : What motivates you to keep going?

My love for books and the awesome people I have met on book-stagram. Also after a month it just felt right to keep going and it also allowed me to spread my creative wings. I love photography and I used book-stagram to keep on practicing different techniques.

Question.3 : What are your five favourite book-stagram accounts?

This is a tough one because every account has its own inspiration. But for the sake of this I’ll name five.

And a few of these inspired me with my photos and I did learn quite a bit from their feeds.

Question. 4 : How do you go about taking such wonderful photos? (Your process, tools, materials etc)

It means a lot that you thin my photos are wonderful. Thank you. I work five days a week and I sometimes have very busy weekends. I am rubbish at using my phone to take photos so I use my old trusty Canon 400D camera. My flat is so crap with light so if I don’t take photos at certain times of day then I have to wait til the next day.


Behind the scenes

I usually have ideas in my head and then I can spend the afternoon trying out different shots and angles til I figure out what works for me. I have a plain white cardboard sheet I bought from Paperchase that I use for my background and over time I’ve been collecting bits and pieces to use as props for my photos.

And yes it could take me anywhere up to an hour to get the photos I need. If I’m doing photo challenges then those are kinda easier and will take less time.

Question. 5 : Have you ever had any mishaps doing those balancing acts of yours?

Yes, quite a few have almost resulted in me hurting my foot. But to be honest I want to try more balancing acts to improve creativity.

Question. 6 :What advice would you give to newcomers?

Be yourself. Quality over quantity and also don’t worry if you don’t have a gazillion followers. It’s important that you always remember why you joined book-stagram and stop comparing yourself to other book-stagrammers.

(We really liked this answer because it’s similar to our own thoughts which we wrote in a post called Reasons Why We Culled Our Book-stagram)

Question. 7 : When did you start to feel successful or do you even feel successful?

I have been book-stagramming for about four months now and there are days I don’t feel successful and I get feed envy. But when I look at the people I interact with and the friends I have made that is quite enough for me. I’m learning  new things everyday and I hope I can keep making new friendships who are as passionate about books as I am.

Question. 8 : You said you’ve been book-stagramming for about four months so we’re wondering where you hope to tale your account over the next twelve months?

To be honest, I don’t really know. This started off like a trial and I’m even surprised I’m still going. I haven’t set any Instagram goals or expectations  so I’ll just keep seeing where it goes.


Behind the scenes

Question. 9 : What are your favourite books that you’ve discovered because of book-stagram?

ACOTAR- This is Sarah J. Maas’s new series which is loosely based on the tale Beauty and The Beast. There’s currently two books available (the second one is by far our favourite). The third book will be released next year.

Percy Jackson – Pretty much everyone knows about Rick Riordan and the Percy Jackson series which is based on Greek Mythology. Rick Riordan has a thing about mythology. (We’ve enjoyed every single book by him

The Raven Cycle – Maggie Stiefvater has a very interesting way of writing and her Raven Cycle follows a girl called Blue and her friends. It’s magical and unique. We’ve read it ourselves and loved it.

Thanks for reading everyone! What did you think of this interview?  Do you think there are questions we overlooked, that you would have asked? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to follow us on:

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Arkon, Annie and a creator.


7 thoughts on “Breaking Down Book-stagram #1

  1. This is a fantastic interview! I’m truly honored to be counted amongst such fabulous bookstagrammers. I love your statements about quality over quantity. I definitely struggled with that when I was starting out. I actually asked Sarah (@newleafwriter) about her tips and she stressed that it’s super important to find your style and own it. I was nervous about my use of photoshop (wasn’t sure if it was frowned upon), but decided that was where I really felt comfortable creatively. It’s better to post something that’s true to your style less frequently (1-2x per week), than to post things that are inconsistent or messy on a daily basis. I’m so pleased to connect with both of your lovely accounts!

    – Caitlin


  2. Thanks Again guys for this! I had lots of fun and really hope we can collaborate in the future to do more posts.

    Oh yes I just got a great idea!! Would you like to do a guest review on my blog? Don’t feel like you have to I have been wanting to try it out since like forever and if you wouldn’t mind then that would be great.

    Liked by 1 person

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