Reasons Why We Culled Our Book-Stagram


Instagram is an inspiring place. There can be a lot of good things we can get from it, but we’re not here to talk about that right now. What we’re here to talk about are the reasons we’ve deleted  culled a great deal of our posts over the last few days.

If you’re a follower of us over on Instagram which you can find here if you’re at all curious you’ll know that lately we’ve been uploading posts and subsequently removing those same posts. We’ve even gone so far as to clear a whole bunch of pictures from our feed.

We don’t mean to toy with any of you. It’s not our intention.

Reason Why We Culled Our Book-stagram #1

This first reason is probably the biggest and most influential one for us an it’s all about consistency. We started our account with a theme in mind. It was simple really. We’d take a picture of a book on the inside section of our duvet and then edit it. Our first image turned out great!

It’s a picture of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. We didn’t worry about how it would be received or whatever. We were simply proud of ourselves for making something we really, really liked.

The next few images were also easy, but as usually that initial joy wore off and we started to become bored. Taking pictures and then editing those pictures became a chore and we’d half ass it. Barely caring about the end result, we’d post it. Receive likes, comments- we were euphoric when we realised how little effort was needed to achieve good results.

If you count yourselves among the high-achievers you’ll know that producing sub-par work quickly leads to a feeling of failure and de-motivation. By this time last week we were starting to feel like failures and cheats. Our feed had become inconsistent and basically all our hopes for achieving Instagram success and meeting many great people seemed impossible.

Our pictures looked sloppy with vibrant reds and pinks making appearances in the most unlikely places…..we began deleting those photos and then deleting some more. We were just unhappy with how it all looked.

Reason Why We Culled Our Book-stagram #2

As many people realise, there are a great deal of wonderful bookstagrammers out there and it can be easy to get caught up in how successful they are. How much they’ve achieved in what appears to be a very short time.

One focuses on their followers, how many likes they get….we fell into this.We began to compare ourselves to accounts that had been active for years while we’ve only been around for a month. We forgot all the time and effort that goes into not just taking a picture, but socialising and getting themselves out there.

Essentially our second reason is numbers.

We have deleted some posts simply because the amount of interaction on them isn’t what we consider a success. It’s a stupid reason, but one we feel many people can relate to.

Reason Why We Culled Our Book-stagram #3

Our third and final reason is one that we can sum up in one word. Fear.

We’re not going to leave it like that though. Fear of failure is a massive thing in our society. A great many people refuse to try things because they think they’ll be laughed at. From personal experience we know this to be true.

We remember a few years ago when we realised we wanted to try our hand at acting we became extremely excited. The idea that we could play different people and live in different worlds even if it was only for a short while was mesmerising! We thought “we can do this”

It wasn’t long before we saw an advertisement in the paper about auditions for a local play. We wrote down the details and promised ourselves we were going to walk into the theater on the date of the auditions. We were going to become someone else.

Long story short. We didn’t. Fear took over and the same can be said with our Instagram account. We let our fear, an irrational fear stop us from reaching out in the bookstagram community and trying new things…

The Silver Lining To All This

At this present moment in time we have fifteen photos ready to be uploaded to Instagram over the next few days and we’re not going to worry about how many likes or comments we get. We’re simply going to be happy with whatever we get.

We’re going to reach out more….in fact we’ve already begun doing so. Commenting, liking even direct messaging. Fear is not going to stop us from doing what we want to do or achieving something.

As for our issue with consistency, we know what we like now and we’re not going to let ourselves get lazy again. Upload images that just aren’t good enough simply because we can’t be bothered to spend a bit more time making something we like.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post and found it informative and honest. Let us know what you thought of it here in the comments and don’t forget to follow us on:

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Thank you so much for reading!

Arkon, Annie and a creator.



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